Know Your Rishi Profile
1 ) Which of these investments would you feel more comfortable owning?
Fixed Income (FDs, Debt Mutual Funds, PPF etc.)
Commodity (Gold, Silver etc.)
Equity or Equity Mutual Funds
Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Land etc.)
International Investments
2 ) Which of the following describes your preference for risk-return relation?
I am ok with the high volatility provided I get higher returns.
I prefer moderate volatility with moderate returns.
I prefer low volatility even though that means lower returns.
I want better return than fixed returns but with moderate volatility.
I want reasonably fixed return with little fluctuation.
3 ) The Below options shows the highest one-year gain and highest one-year loss on four different portfolios of 100,000. Where would you invest your money?
Investment Portfolio A (Highest Gain of 15000, Highest Loss of 2400)
Investment Portfolio B (Highest Gain of 20500, Highest Loss of 6400)
Investment Portfolio C (Highest Gain of 26600, Highest Loss of 11000)
Investment Portfolio D (Highest Gain of 31300, Highest Loss of 14600)
4 ) Assuming that you had invested 100,000. If, due to market conditions, your portfolio fell to 85,000 within a short period, would you chose?
To sell all of the investments and you do not intend to take risks.
To sell a part of the investment to cut your losses and reinvest into more secure investment sectors.
To hold on to the investment and sell nothing, expecting performance to improve.
To invest additional funds to lower your average investment price.
5 ) If the value of your investments fell to 60,000 over the next 12 months, would you chose?
To sell all of the remaining investment.
To sell a portion of the remaining investment.
To hold your investments and sell nothing, expecting conditions to improve.
To invest more funds. You can tolerate short term losses in expectation of future growth.
6 ) I would quit my job and start my own business if the right opportunity arises.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
7 ) What are your thoughts on investments / incremental investments?
Increase my investments proportionately to the growing income
Continue with the same amount of investments throughout the tenure
Increase the investments as per Inflation
Modify the investments as per my changing financial requirements
8 ) Which one of the following statements describes your thought towards choosing an investment?
I would prefer investments with little fluctuation and a low degree of risk with lower returns.
I prefer to diversify with a mix of investments with higher allocation to low risk products and a small proportion invested in assets with higher of risk to achieve slightly higher return.
I prefer to have a spread of investments in a balanced portfolio.
I prefer to diversify my investments with high allocation to higher returns, but still having a small amount of low risk investments.
I would select investments that have a higher degree of investment price fluctuation so that I can earn higher long term returns.
9 ) How secure is your current and future income from sources such as salary, pensions or other investments?
My income is not secure.
My income is somewhat secure.
My income is fairly secure.
My income is very secure.
10 ) How familiar are you with investments & finances?
I am not at all familiar with the investments and I am not comfortable with the complexity.
I am not very familiar when it comes to investments.
I am somewhat familiar with investments but I donít fully understand investments, including the equity market.
I am fairly familiar with the investments. I understand the various factors which influence investment performance.
I am very much familiar with investments. I use research and other investment information to make investment decisions. I understand the various factors which influence investment performance.